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Evangelist's Warning: God Is Removing Blessing From US

Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, warned on April 17 that God is "removing His hand of blessing from America."

Lotz, who has made similar statements in the past about the activities of God, issued her latest warning during an interview with the Biblical Recorder:

Our national motto is "In God We Trust." But in our rhetoric, our political correctness, our desire to be inclusive and tolerant, and even in some of our legislation, we are rejecting the God of our fathers, abandoning His moral laws, principles, and values.

God clearly warns us that if we forsake Him, He will forsake us. I believe God is in the process of removing His hand of blessing from America. It’s imperative for our own survival as a nation that we return to Him before it’s too late, and plead with Him to return to us.

Lotz issued another gloomy warning in April 2016 on her website:

Our nation is in a mess. Why? Could it be because America is losing God’s blessing? His favor. Could our sin be provoking His judgment? Judgment that is not necessarily in the form of a nuclear dirty bomb, or another ISIS attack, or an economic collapse. But a Romans 1 judgment as God backs out of our national life and turns us over to ourselves.

In May 2016, Lotz told Religion News Service that the U.S. was losing God's blessing:

What we’re seeing right now, I believe, in our nation is confusion, fear, anger on every level. It really is evidence that God is backing way. We’re losing his favor, his blessing, and that is what grieves me, and the answer to that, if that’s so, is not a political solution, it’s not economics or military or education. The answer is -- Joel 2 in the Bible says -- to rend our hearts and return to God and cry out to him for his mercy. I think that’s where we are.

Lotz was in better spirits when she told Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network in November 2016 that God had chosen Donald Trump to be president, noted The Christian Post:

I believe God has answered and I believe He has put Trump in office because the Bible says that God puts the leaders in charge. He can put bad leaders in charge and he can put good leaders in charge. He has put Mr. Trump in charge.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million, noted CNN.

Lotz also compared Trump to King David in the Bible:

When David was anointed king, it said that he knew that God had established him as king for the blessing of the people. I believe that God has put Mr. Trump in the Oval Office for the blessing of the American people if we continue to seek Him with all our hearts and humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, he says he will hear our prayer, forgive our sin and heal our land.

Sources: Biblical Recorder, The Christian Post, CNN, Religion News Service, Anne Graham Lotz / Photo credit: AnGeL Ministries/Wikimedia Commons

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