Evangelist Upset By Rainbow-Colored French Fry Boxes


Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein is outraged that McDonald's is going to sell french fries in boxes with rainbow colors in Washington D.C.

Feuerstein announced on June 2 on Facebook that he was boycotting McDonald's:

DISGUSTING! McDonald's released their RAINBOW FRIES today in honor of GAY PRIDE! Im tired of corporations trying to influence our families like this. SHARE THIS and let people know to STOP EATING at McDonalds! Plus, their food is crap. Really.

According to Fox News, the french fry boxes will be available at three McDonald’s locations along the Capital Pride Alliance’s parade route in D.C. between June 9 and June 11.

Cathy Martin, co-chair of the McDonald’s Pride Network and vice president/general manager of McDonald’s Baltimore-Washington Region, stated in a press release why the fast-food giant was using the boxes:

The rainbow fry boxes are a fun way to show our support of the LGBTQ community using one of McDonald’s most iconic and recognizable items; however, these fry boxes are "small potatoes" in the grand scheme of our commitment to this community. We are proud to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ community, including our employees, customers and beyond, each and every day.

Feuerstein made news in 2015 when he posted a viral video on Facebook complaining about how Starbucks holiday cups were plain red and didn't include the words "Merry Christmas," noted Salon:

I think in the age of political correctness we’ve become so open minded our brains have literally fallen out of our head. Did you realize Starbucks wanted to take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups? That’s why they’re just plain red. In fact, do you realize that Starbucks isn’t allowed to say Merry Christmas to customers? I decided instead of boycotting, why don’t we start a movement?

Feuerstein explained how he falsely gave his name as "Merry Christmas" so that Starbucks employees would be forced to write the name of the holiday, which never actually appears in the Bible, on his coffee cup.

Feuerstein then encouraged "all great Americans and Christians" to do the same and then post a picture of themselves with their coffee cup.

Feuerstein's website, which is no longer up but is still accessible via Archive.org, stated his background:

Joshua Feuerstein is an American evangelist, internet and social media personality. In recent months, Feuerstein has gained Facebook fame and half a million followers as a result of his motivational videos that deal with interpersonal, social and religious issues. In 3 short weeks, one video became viral with over 1 million shares and 40 million views.

Sources: Joshua Feuerstein/Facebook (2), Fox News, Salon, JoshuaFeuerstein.com via Archive.org / Photo credit: Peter Ligerry/Wikimedia Commons

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