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Evangelist Is 'Sick' That Obamacare Wasn't Replaced

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham expressed his disappointment on March 27 that the GOP-controlled House of Representatives did not repeal and replace Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act.

Writing on Facebook, Graham blamed the Republicans and the Democrats, even though the Republicans did not need a single Democratic vote to get the repeal and replace done:

Doesn’t it just make you sick? I’m so disappointed in the Republican Party—again—for not working together to get America the health care plan we need, as they had promised. And the Democrats’ glee over what they’re trumpeting as a failure is shameful.

Their driving desire to block all things Republican branded, no matter what it means for the American people, is sickening. Can’t they see we have huge issues looming over us as a nation? We need bipartisan problem-solving.

They need to lay their pride and greed aside, and work together to come up with solutions that will help our country. That’s what we’re paying them to do, and that’s what we need to begin expecting them to do.

They should tackle these issues as Americans, not as politicians. Pray for the leadership of both parties, that God would soften their hardened hearts and give them His wisdom.

If Obamacare had been repealed and replaced with the GOP's proposed plan, the Congressional Budget Office predicted the number of uninsured people would increase by 24 million by 2026, notes The New York Times.

House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill from a vote on March 24 because he did not have the GOP numbers to push it through.

After Ryan cancelled the vote, reporters asked Republican Rep. Joe Barton of Texas why the Republicans had voted to repeal Obamacare dozens of times when President Barack Obama was in office, but failed to do so with President Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office, noted Talking Points Memo.

Barton compared the previous votes to repeal Obamacare to Fantasy Football: "Sometimes you’re playing Fantasy Football and sometimes you’re in the real game. We knew the president, if we could get a repeal bill to his desk, would almost certainly veto it. This time we knew if it got to the president’s desk it would be signed."

While the Obamacare repeal votes may have been fantasy, the taxpayer dollars that paid for the votes were real.

In 2013, WFOR noted that the taxpayer cost for the votes on Obamacare was in the tens of millions of dollars.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the House runs on $24 million per week, so the first 33 times the Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare cost taxpayers about $48 million, WFOR noted in 2012.

The WFOR report also noted there had been three votes and one planned from 2012 to 2013, causing the taxpayer burden to reach about $53.8 million.

Sources: Franklin Graham/Facebook, The New York Times, Talking Points Memo, WFOR / Photo Credit: Leszek Janczuk/Wikimedia

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