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Evangelist Posts Video Of Son Shooting Gun To Mock Gender Neutral Toys

Joshua Feuerstein, a self-described "evangelist, internet and social media personality" in Fountain Hills, Arizona, recently posted a video (below) on Facebook slamming a dad who allowed his son to choose a "Little Mermaid" toy. Feuerstein bragged about teaching his son to fire a gun, and told the boy to fire it.

In the video, Feuerstein claimed that children can't really make decisions, and that adults need to "train up a child in the way that he should go" as the Bible commands, although there are no Bible verses that require weapons training for kids.

Feuerstein claimed that a gun is "gender neutral," so he is teaching his daughters to use firearms as well.

As his son fires the gun, Feuerstein states: "That’s gun control, ladies and gentleman, that's gun control, a boy that knows how to properly fire a gun," notes

Feuerstein added: "That’s for you, guy who has no cojones, who needs to grow a pair and be a dad and train a child!"

Sources:, Facebook, / Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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