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Evangelist Gives Homeless People Tarps For Shelter

Evangelist Franklin Graham told his followers Dec. 21 that his charity provided tarps, that are to serve as shelter, to homeless people in Haiti.

Graham posted a picture of himself in Haiti, and described his charity's work on Facebook:

Today I visited areas in Haiti that were devastated by Hurricane Matthew. Samaritan's Purse has provided tarps for shelter, hygiene kits, blankets, and much more to tens of thousands of families. In a village we went to today by helicopter, lots of children came out to greet us. We had to replace their clean water system that was destroyed by the storm.

Graham didn't say how his charity replaced a water system, but his Facebook fans praised him for the generosity of the tarps, hygiene kits and blankets.

On Dec. 22, Graham offered his praise for North Carolina lawmakers who did not repeal House Bill 2, which allows businesses to discriminate against LGBT employees and customers. The regulation also does not allow cities to pass so-called bathroom bills that let transgender people use the facility that matches their gender identity.

In his Facebook posting, Graham wrongly asserted that House Bill 2 prevents sex perverts from victimizing females:

I’m very thankful for NC Lt. Governor Dan Forest and legislators for protecting women and children from pedophiles and sexual perverts. They have stood strong and resolute for HB 2 to uphold safety and privacy. It should be obvious to everyone—we don’t need men in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms in NC or in any state.

Lt. Gov. Forest said, "The left has already publicly stated the removal of HB 2 is necessary for the rest of their agenda to move forward." Pray for the politicians and legislators fighting this battle for privacy and protection. No matter where you live, let them know in the comments below that you support them.

NPR notes that the Republican-controlled state legislature made a deal to repeal House Bill 2 if the Charlotte City Council repealed its anti-discrimination law from February, which it said it did on Dec. 19.

GOP lawmakers said on Dec. 20 that Charlotte officials didn't repeal all of the bill, but Charlotte City Attorney Bob Hagemann asserted that all of the changes made in February were repealed.

The Charlotte City Council voted again to repeal the anti-discrimination law on Dec. 20.

Sources: Franklin Graham/Facebook (2), NPR / Photo credit: Cornstalker/Wikimedia Commons

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