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Graham Denounces Patriots Sponsorship Of Gay Bowl

Evangelist Franklin Graham is upset that the New England Patriots are sponsoring Gay Bowl 17, a national flag football tournament for LGBT players, which will take place in Boston in October.

Graham accused the Patriots of promoting a "sinful lifestyle" on Facebook on May 26:

The New England Patriots announced they will be the first NFL team to sponsor a "Gay Bowl." They’re sponsoring Gay Bowl 17, which is a national championship tournament for LGBT flag football teams.

The Patriots have the right to do whatever they want, but I’m disappointed that a great team from such a wonderful area of the country would promote a sinful lifestyle like this. Shame on them. Let the Patriots know that you don’t support this move.

According to Outsports, the Gay Bowl dates back to 2002, and the Patriots sent former player Andre Tippet to officiate the tournament’s coin toss in 2003.

This year there will be about about 40 teams, including a women’s division, competing. The defending champions are the San Diego Bolts, who have five titles under their belts.

Bleacher Report notes that the Patriots are the first NFL team to sponsor a Gay Bowl.

In more outrage, One Million Moms, an advocacy group created by the Christian-based American Family Association, is upset about Liquid-Plumr's new "Plumr Cracks" commercial, which shows parts of people's backsides. The ad plays off the stereotype of plumbers who don't cover themselves completely while doing repairs. The ad features men and women, young and old.

The One Million Moms website is encouraging its followers to contact the company to protest:

The newest Liquid-Plumr commercial includes men and women with their pants sliding down exposing way too much of their backsides. No one wants to see this. Reports from consumers have stated that even children find the commercial disgusting. It is not only tacky and obscene but also plays into a stereotype of plumbers on the job.

This is not the first time Liquid-Plumr has aired commercials that crossed the line. In the past, Liquid-Plumr produced ads filled with innuendos that were crude and distasteful. Bottom line, Liquid-Plumr’s ads are irresponsible and offensive.

Please contact Liquid-Plumr (owned by The Clorox Company) through our website urging them to pull this inappropriate commercial immediately. Also, let Liquid-Plumr know that continuing to air this ad and offensive advertisements in the future will force your family to make the decision to no longer purchase Clorox products.

Sources: Franklin Graham/Facebook, Outsports, Bleacher Report, One Million Moms / Photo credit: Leszek Janczuk/Wikimedia Commons

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