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Graham: American Christians Persecuted By LGBT Agenda

Evangelist Franklin Graham asserted on May 2 that Christians in America are being persecuted by the LGBT agenda.

Graham made his statements during a radio interview on "Washington Watch" with host and Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, notes the Christian Post.

The two conservative Christian leaders were discussing the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians, scheduled to be held from May 10 to 13 in Washington D.C.

"I want our politicians to see what is happening and I want the voices of these people who have been persecuted, I want their voices to be heard," Graham said. "I want to give them a stage for them to be able to tell their stories and do it right there in Washington, where hopefully, we can see some policy changes."

Graham was referring to the persecution of Christians around the globe, but Perkins tried to shift the blame to the U.S.: "In a large part, it's driven by the indifference toward religious freedom here at home. It's sending a message to the terrorists and the tyrants abroad that they are free to do as they please when it comes to Christians."

"We need not only put a spotlight on what is happening around the world, but we need to put a spotlight on what is happening here in this country, where Christians are being persecuted, but in a different way," Graham added. "Like you said, it's not with a gun or a sword, but they are being forced out of business because they did not support the gay-lesbian agenda."

Graham recalled Christian bakers in Oregon who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding because they believed that making the dessert violated their religious beliefs.

Graham also cited a Catholic-family-owned pharmacy in Washington state that violated state law by refusing to carry emergency contraceptive drugs.

The evangelist went on to say that Christians are under attack:

It's over and over and over again across the country where Christians are being singled out, their businesses, because they won't support the agenda of another group of people. We need to protect them. We need to protect the Christians in this country and abroad.

I think, by putting a spotlight on it, it's going to help. It's not going to hurt. It's going to help get the word out and get the voices of those who have suffered to give them a platform to speak.

Graham also called for a religious freedom bill that would grant Christians special legal protections.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign a religious freedom executive order on May 4, reports the Washington Times.

According to a White House source, the order will, in part, allow houses of worship to openly participate in politics while keeping their tax-exempt status.

Sources: Christian Post, Washington Times / Photo Credit: Matt Johnson/Flickr

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