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Evangelicals Offer Self-Congratulatory Bluster

On a pretty impressive site that aims at having a balanced view of religions called Patheos, there is a page for Evangelicalism that offers little more than self-congratulatory bluster for its philosophical and apologetical achievements in the last few decades.

If you'll actually read through Patheos it'll become clear what is seen as trajectories in philosophy and apologetics is little more than self-congratulatory bluster given the religious diversity in the world. Atheist philosopher Quentin Smith tells it like it is, that God "is now alive and well in his last academic stronghold, philosophy departments."

That's LAST stronghold. The notion of God has already been ousted from most every other department in the university. So why on earth would evangelicals be quoting Quentin Smith or feeling good about what he said?

The bottom line is that you cannot have a religious trajectory that will last very long without a good solid foundation, and what evangelicals will have to come to grips with is the lack of a Biblical foundation for what they believe. It simply is not there. They have completely and utterly ignored this.

I'm here to remind them, by pointing out that Natural Theology is dead, and that their philosophical renaissance is nothing more than fundamentalism on stilts.


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