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Evangelical Left Growing Unhappy With Obama

WASHINGTON -- Late last month, evangelist Tony Campolo, leader of the liberal "Red Letter Christians" movement and professor emeritus at Eastern University, indicated possible buyer's remorse at the presidency of Barack Obama. Reflecting on the health care reform saga, Campolo expressed regret that the President and congressional Democrats haven't promoted alternatives to abortion, especially with respect to the economically disadvantaged.

According to the Daily Caller, Campolo said progressive evangelicals like himself "are angry" at both parties, frustrated with the White House and "still concerned" about abortion.

Campolo is more than a prominent evangelical who happened to support Obama's run for the presidency. He was a dedicated supporter who actively promoted Obama to other evangelical Christians. Campolo's support was not limited to just Obama. With a handful of other progressive evangelical leaders, he served on the Democratic Party's platform committee, helping express the party's policy positions and core convictions.

IRD President Mark Tooley commented:

"Seeking to give cover to evangelicals eager to support Barack Obama's candidacy, Campolo and others insisted that a pro-abortion rights politician would somehow better reduce abortions.

"Like others, Campolo and the evangelical left saw Obama as their Rorschach candidate, and now express frustration that he has been more faithful to his abortion rights voting record than to their fictional portrayal of him.

"Voices on the evangelical left have seemed all too willing to downplay clear Christian moral teaching in order to join Obama's push for bigger government."


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