Evangelical Leader: Any Pastor Who Voted For Obama Is Not Qualified To Lead And Should Resign


In a recent blog post, Evangelical leader Douglas Wilson says that any pastor who supported or voted for Barack Obama should resign.

Wilson starts off his post by mentioning that of the 25% of American voters who identify as Evangelicals, 21.6 million voted for Barack Obama in 2012. Wilson makes and odd distinction by referring to Evangelicals as “white, born-again types” in his post, but I digress. Douglas reasonably concludes that if 21.6 million Evangelicals voted for Obama, a number of these voters must have been pastors. In Wilsons’ eyes, any person who voted for President Obama is not fit to be a Christian leader.

“Any evangelical leader — by which I mean someone like a minister or an elder — who voted for Obama the second time, is not qualified for the office he holds, and should resign that office,” Wilson said. “Unless and until he repents of how he is thinking about the challenges confronting our nation, he should not be entrusted with the care of souls. A shepherd who cannot identify wolves is not qualified to be a shepherd.”

Wilson says President Obama’s pro-choice stance is the primary reason for his stance. Later in his post, Wilson again feels the need to make a strange distinction between white and black Christian leaders.

“I also believe the same principle applies to black Christian leaders,” Wilson says. “Not only must the dignity of human life be upheld by white and black Christian leaders alike, to the extent we may allow any differences, it should be to expect a greater vehemence in opposing abortion (in the person of its advocates and enablers) from black leaders. This is because it is their people who are being disproportionately targeted by the white Sangerites. And a black Christian leader who cannot identify a Sangerite is a rabbit leader who does not know what a hawk looks like.”

He concludes the post by equivocating pro-choice policies with the eugenics policies of Hitler.

“A generation later, it is easy for us to cluck our tongues at the German leaders who did not see what Hitler was doing, but it is very hard for us to see our complicity in things that are every bit as atrocious.”

All in all an odd post in which Wilson applies razor-sharp focus to one issue while ignoring hundreds of other policies endorsed by both parties that his doctrine likely speaks against. 

Source: DougWils.com, Raw Story


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