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ESPN Reporter Laughs When OKC Thunder's Kevin Durant Thanks God (Video)

ESPN reporter Doris Burke laughed when the Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant thanked God after a victory over the Miami Heat, 112-95, on Wednesday.

Durant scored 33 points during Wednesday's game, giving him a streak of 12 consecutive games in which he has scored 30 or more points.

According to, Burke asked Durant, "What goes into a streak to get you to this level these past twelve games?"

"Thank God, that's all I can say, Jesus Christ," Durant responded (video below).

Burke laughed and asked, "Okay, thank you. You had nothing to do with it?"

"No, nothing, it's all Him," added Durant. reports there was pushback against Burke on Twitter with comments such as:

Much respect @KDTrey5 for giving Jesus Christ all the credit, the fact that Doris Burke would laugh after makes me hate espn ever more

Doris Burke's interview with @KDTrey5 was very unprofessional and very disrespectful. She needs to be fired. #Thunder

No reservation/hesitance in @KDTrey5's gratitude. Exudes humility. What more people need to see and do. Screw Doris Burke - she's an idiot.

Burke responded to the controversy by stating, "He just took me by surprise with his reaction, not because he's a believer, I'm a believer. It was an incredible demonstration of humility in the context of what has been a truly spectacular stretch.”

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