Egyptian Islamist Tries To Burn Co-Worker Over Anti-Morsi Ringtone

An Egyptian Islamist tried to set his fellow employee on fire after she programmed a pro-army ringtone in her mobile phone.

The suspect, a supporter of ousted president Mohammad Morsi, allegedly threw petrol at a 23-year-old woman because her phone played the song “May God Reward the Hands.” The tune was become increasingly popular in Egypt since Morsi was deposed on July 3.

The two work at a pharmaceutical company in the coastal city of Alexandria.

The woman’s claim that her colleague, a salesman, insulted her before throwing petrol at her was backed up by two witnesses. Police also seized three petrol bottles, a knife and a paper cutter inside the suspected assailant’s car.

Fights between the army’s opponents and backers in several areas of Egypt have also been triggered by “May God Reward the Hands.”

The Muslim Brotherhood has vowed non-stop protests until Morsi is reinstated, News.com reported.

Sources: News.com, Gulf News


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