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Egyptian Bride Ordered to Pay $8,000 to Former Husband Over Virginity Lie

An Egyptian woman was ordered to pay her former husband approximately $8,044 for emotional damages after failing to tell him she was previously married and had surgery to restore her virginity.

During a bitter divorce, an Abu Dhabi appeals court upheld a ruling that the woman had lied to her husband about being a virgin at the time of their marriage. Previous divorce proceedings found the woman, with the help of her father, was guilty of making false statements in the couple’s marriage contract, including that she had never had sex.

The husband claims he was informed that his wife was previously married via an anonymous text message he received three years after their wedding, at which point the couple already had a child. The £5,240 ($8,044 USD) awarded to him is for emotional damages, including the shame and embarrassment brought on his family.

The anonymous texter also forwarded him a copy of her first divorce papers. He then filed for divorce and separately sued his ex claiming he was “suffering from depression and had lost trust in the people around him as a result of her deception.” He also claimed that she had surgery to restore her virginity before he married her, a procedure that is becoming relatively common in Arab countries.

Egypt has a very conservative view of premarrital and extramarrital sex. "There is sexual frustration in Egypt. It's a fact," a 37-year-old female journalist in Cairo told "Because of religion, you cannot, or you should not, have sex before marriage. And because of the economic situation, many men cannot afford to get married and start a family. Therefore, they don't end up getting the sex that they need up until their mid-30s or even after that."

In 2009, Conservation lawmakers in Egypt moved to ban a Chinese-made Artificial Virginity Hymen Kit, which when inserted will leak blood, making it appear as though the woman is a virgin.

Sources: Huffington Post, Daily Mail


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