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East London Man Stabs Daughter-In-Law In The Eyes In Front Of Kids (Graphic Photos)

51-year-old east London man Manjit Singh Mirgind has been jailed for almost 11 years after he carried out a horrific attack on his daughter-in-law that left her partially blind in both eyes and scarred for life.

Mirgind, a leading member of the Sikh community, attacked the woman, identified as Jageer Mirgind, after he wrongly believed she was having an affair with a Muslim man. Mirgind beat his daughter-in-law relentlessly before slashing her wrists with a knife and stabbing her eyes.

According to the Daily Express, Mr. Mirgind wrongly thought his daughter-in-law was having an affair after hearing prank calls she was receiving at the house. Mirgind accused her of “sleeping with a Paki” and proceeded to beat her while screaming out “I am going to kill you.”

Ms. Mirgind’s children were forced to watch as their mother was savagely beaten before their eyes. Mirgind was taken the hospital following the attack, where authorities took this harrowing photo of her injuries.

Be warned, it’s graphic:

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Mr. Mirgind turned himself into police immediately following the attack. He pleaded guilty to the charges levied against him and offered no rebuttal as the judge detailed his unnerving crime.

“The attack was manic and horrific,” the judge said. “You set out with great hostility and vengeance - you punched her, forced her to the ground and kicked her and took knives to her face and wrist to gouge her eyes.

"She has since lost a lot of sight in both eyes and there is major scarring to her face. What was so distressing was that her children, your grandchildren, witnessed it from start to finish and pleaded with you to stop - but you did not stop.

"The effect on those children is a major factor in this case as they have been deprived of their mother in a normal state and had to witness those horrific scenes."

In a brief statement, Mirgind reiterated his remorse for the crime and said he was “stressed out at the time.”

“Nothing can excuse what I did,” he added.

Sources: Express, MailOnline


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