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Dying Gay Man Should Have Married Woman, Says Christian Radio Host Linda Harvey (Audio)

Christian radio host Linda Harvey recently slammed a recent Ohio court ruling in favor of a gay couple, who both live in Ohio, but were married in Maryland.

James Obergefell and John Arthur recently asked a judge to overturn an Ohio law to allow Obergefell to be listed as the surviving spouse on Arthur’s death certificate, reports

Ohio does not recognize gay marriages, but the judge did so in this case because Arthur has Lou Gehrig’s disease and is not expected to live long.

According to, Harvey called their lawsuit “nonsense” today on her show and said if the men wanted to be married they could simply marry women (audio below).

"Marriage is what it is. A man and a woman. There's no discrimination or inequality. Either of these men could be married to a woman. There's no law barring them from doing that," said Harvey.

"Their lawyers are doing what the Supreme Court did, saying that the U.S. 14th amendment requires recognizing homosexuality as marriage because of equal protection under the law for all U.S. citizens. Well, this is nonsense, presuming that equal protection means equal ability to change terms and definitions of laws so they become what I want them to be."

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