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Dutch School Burns $20,000 Worth Of Diaries Over Allegedly Satanic Peace Sign

A conservative Christian school in the Netherlands is burning $20,000 worth of diaries over…wait for it… a peace sign. Yup. And to think that for all this time I thought the Netherlands was some kind of enlightened utopian wonderland.

The Dutch Newspaper Troww reported earlier this week that the Pieter Zandt Protestant reformatory school publishes an annual “diary” with a calendar including jokes, bible verses, and tips for daily living. The diary is published by the student body.

Well this year’s diary was distributed recently, and it didn’t take long for some parents to spot a major problem with the cover photo. In the top left corner of the picture, looking all innocent and non-satanic (as Satanists often do), was a girl wearing a shirt with a peace sign. That damn peace sign.

Several parents called school board chairman Johan Van Puten, who investigated the parent’s complaints. Like any 21st century human, he took to Google to uncover the origins of the peace sign.

“The conviction of the parents that the symbol was unacceptable was so strong that I knew a rigorous approach was the only solution,” Van Puten said.

And investigate he did.

After hours on Google, which, by the way, will tell you almost anything you want it to if you try hard enough, Van Puten discovered that peace sign (or something kind of like it) was used by all-time anti-Christian bad guy Emperor Nero of Rome.

“This is the Nero cross that stood in Roman times for the prosecution, torture and killing of Christians,” Van Puten wrote. “Even this symbol in our time been associated with occultism.”

So in Nero-esque fashion, Van Puten decided to burn the diaries. Who cares if they’ll be expensive to replace. What’s going on here is about something much bigger than money.

“…you have to understand, it was the lesser of two evils,” Van Puten said.

Sources: RawStory, Patheos


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