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Dumb TV Dads, Strong Women Turn Kids Gay, Say Ex-Gay Pride Leaders (Audio)

Ex-Gay Pride Month organizers Christopher Doyle and Chuck Peters claimed last week that strong female celebrities and dumb TV dads somehow cause children to become gay.

According to, Doyle and Peters made their claims on Sandy Rios' Christian-based American Family Association talk show (audio below).

"I believe a lot of gay-identified men really worship these celebrities, these strong women, like Madonna or Cher or Lady Gaga because these women are strong women," claimed Peters.

"Like the mom that I grew up with, [they] are very opinionated, have a chip on their shoulder, wear the pants in the family, and these are the women that I wanted to be like or I wanted to identify with because I didn’t have a man in the house who wore the pants, who would teach me how to be a man," added Peters.

"All the dads are stupid and all the women are supermoms [on TV]," said Rios. "I’m the anti-feminist, if you want to complain about that you’ve come to the right studio. I just can’t stand what they’ve done to manhood."

"It’s absolutely damaging for kids," stated Doyle. "In so many minority cultures now it’s still an epidemic problem that the father is not in the home. Then they turn on the TV, which is basically where they have to go because they don’t have two parents in the house and dad’s not there, then they see this caricature of men on TV."

However, homosexuality has been around long before TV.

The Telegraph reported in 2011 that archeologists discovered what they believed to be the oldest homosexual, dating back to between 2900 and 2500 B.C. 

The male skeleton was surrounded by domestic jugs, which were normally used for burial of women in the Copper Age.

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