'Duck Dynasty' Producer Defends Phil Robertson, Blames Media (Video)

"Duck Dynasty" executive producer Deirdre Gurney recently defended the star of the reality TV series, Phil Robertson, who compared homosexuality to bestiality and claimed that black people were "happy" living under racist Jim Crowe laws in an interview with GQ magazine in December 2013.

In a recent roundtable interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gurney confirmed that Robertson stood behind his beliefs, but does not act on them (video below).

"He made them, but he doesn't deny who he is," said Gurney. "He has beliefs and stands by them, but that isn't how he treats people, it is what he thinks. I think there's a separation.

"I know Phil Robertson," added Gurney. "I know his beliefs. I know how he treats people. I know how he treats a crew that has several gay people... people of all different races."

Moments after Gurney affirmed that Robertson made his controversial comments and stands by his beliefs, she blamed the media for taking his statements out of context.

"I think when someone makes a comment in the press, things are taken out of context or reporters are dealing with people who don't have media training and aren't used to this and, maybe at times, cornered into saying something that someone thinks is salacious," stated Gurney.

However, Gurney failed to mention that Robertson has publicly made anti-gay comments before and after the GQ interview, notes GoodAsYou.org (audio below).

Sources: GoodAsYou.orgThe Hollywood Reporter


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