'Duck Dynasty Clubs' Bringing Prayer Into Schools, Says Phil Robertson's Granddaughter


“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson's granddaughter Sadie Robertson, 16, told an audience in Montgomery, Ala. on Sunday that her family's TV show has led to “Duck Dynasty clubs” in schools across the country.

Student members of “Duck Dynasty clubs” pray before lunch at schools, according to Sadie.

“For a TV show to bring prayer into schools, that’s awesome,” she added.

Sadie was speaking at a fundraiser for a private school, Prattville Christian Academy, at the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre where seats cost $38.50 to $82.50, reports the Montgomery Advertiser.

For people who wanted to meet Sadie, the cost was $100 per ticket.

Sadie's mother, Korie Robertson, accompanied her daughter on the trip, but didn't appear at the fundraiser.

Sadie was asked about her grandfather's controversial statements about gay people and black people during a GQ Interview in December 2013, but declined to answer, noted USA Today.

“I’m sure we could all say a lot about that, but the family has decided we’re not going to talk about it really,” replied Sadie. “But we will say we’re really glad for us all to be back together as a family because [he’s] the leader. We couldn’t do anything without him.”

Sources: USA Today and Montgomery Advertiser


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