Wife Claims She Can't Have Sex Because She's Possessed By A Genie, Husband Avoids Alimony


In one of the more bizarre court cases of recent memory, a Dubai appellate court ruled in a favor of a man who alleged his wife failed to tell him she was possessed by a “Jinn,” and thus did not deserve alimony.

According to court documents, the couple began experiencing troubles when the man’s wife refused to have sex with him. Troubled by their lack of intimacy, the man inquired as to why they were not able to share a bed together. The wife told her husband to go speak to her parents about the matter and they would clarify his inquiries.

The wife’s parents informed the husband that their daughter was possessed by a “Jinn,” whom numerous religious scholars had failed to exorcise.  

For those not well versed in Middle Eastern lore, according to the BBC, a “Jinn” is somewhat equivalent to the Western version of a “Genie.” The Quran frequently makes mention of the “Jinn” who are a few levels below angels. Famously, King Solomon, a character in Quran, was given his gift of wisdom by a “Jinn” who was in his debt, thus came the idea of “Genies” being able to grant wishes.

According to reports, the husband tolerated his wife’s story until he grew tiresome of the lack of intimacy. It is not clear whether he believed that she was possessed, or not, but either way divorce seemed to be the only logical solution.

A Dubai appellate court agreed to grant to divorce, but with the stipulation that the husband pay his ex-wife 40,000 United Arab Emirates Dirham in alimony, which is somewhere around $11,000.

The husband’s lawyer quickly argued that the wife had not been truthful with the man about her “previously existing condition,” which included being possessed by a cosmic deity. “The woman and her family cheated my client,” said the lawyer. “They should have been honest and clear about the fact that the wife was possessed by a Jinn. He was only told about the Jinn after the problem escalated. The woman does not deserve any allowance.”

The court then reversed its previous ruling, granting the divorce but charging the husband nothing in alimony due to the wife’s lack of honest. It is unclear if the court believed the woman was possessed by a Jinn, but seeing as how she lost out on alimony due to withholding pertinent information, they must have been convinced by her claim.

Sources: Bossip, BBC


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