Drunk and Unlicensed Driver Re-Discovers Islam, Sobers Up and Avoids Jail

Asif Masood, 40, was driving drunk and without a license when he slammed his friend’s Ford Focus into a fire hydrant on Nov. 17, 2014.

Recently, a court heard that he has sobered up and started practicing Islam again, the Daily Mirror reported. Masood was allowed to walk away from his charges a free man, although he is banned from driving for 25 months and was fined a total of £455, or about $700.

Not only did Masood’s re-found faith and sobriety help him in court, how the man from Nottingham, England, behaved after the accident contributed to the judge’s leniency. 

“We have taken into account your guilty plea and the fact you made no attempts to escape from the incident,” said chairman of the bench Martin Rudge.

Prior to his most recent case, Masood had been convicted nine times for other offenses. 

No one was hurt in the accident, but Masood’s lawyer, Rob Keel, said his client was “deeply ashamed and embarrassed,” about his behavior.

“It was a vehicle he borrowed and he fully accepts drinking a considerable amount of alcohol,” Keel said. “He tells me he has found his faith again, he is a practicing Muslim, and he has moved away from Nottingham and the negative influences and issues that were dragging him down.

“He is also drink and drug-free.”

Source: Daily Mirror Image via Preston Rhea/Flickr


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