Drugs & Alcohol "Open Doorway" to Real Possession by Devil

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Ted Adamson, author of the newly released addiction memoir "Up From Down" (Westbow Press), says possession and exorcism are real.

"Part of the reason I wrote this book was to help people wake up to what we are dealing with," said Adamson, a member of AA and NA for 35 years.

The book contains a never before released letter from Father Malachi Martin, a Catholic exorcist and advisor to three Popes. In the letter Father Martin says, "Possession can occur as a result of alcoholism and drug addiction. It opens a doorway to the soul." Link: www.upfromdown.info/evil.htm

"It's about time we as a society acknowledge the existence of evil," said Adamson. "And not just on Halloween and the 40th anniversary of The Exorcist."

The book contains an awakening where Adamson realizes he had become possessed. "You don't necessarily need a Catholic exorcist to get rid of a demon, although there are cases where they can be helpful," says Adamson. "God can and does extend grace thru prayer and meditation. That is what my book is all about. And something that most of the drug and alcohol counselors don't even understand."

Adamson suffered from a 14 year addiction to drugs and has been clean for 35 years.

"This (Up From Down) is a transparent revelation of the jail and rehab and court system abuses as well and an examination of all the aspects of treatment for addiction. And this information is worth knowing and certainly worth reading about in the words of Ted Adamson"-- Grady Harp, top 10 reviewer at Amazon.com

Up From Down is available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and most major outlets. Also from the author's website:www.upfromdown.info.


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