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Dr. James Dobson Falsely Claims President Obama has "Dictatorial Powers"

In his January newsletter for his Family Talk radio program, Christian conservative icon Dr. James Dobson lamented President Obama’s re-election and the Democrats’ gains in Congress, reports

Dr. Dobson wrote that “Barack Obama is the worst president in American history” and claimed President Obama "often ignores the Constitution and imposes dictatorial powers on the American people."

Dr. Dobson provided no evidence of these "dictatorial powers."

He also wrote that "silence also prevailed in response to the radical U.N. treaties that Democrats are about to raise in the U.S. Senate," but did not mention what these "radical treaties" were.

Dr. Dobson also slammed the U.S. Supreme Court as being “the most dangerous” issue in America: "Likewise, very little was said by the GOP during the campaign or the debates about terrorism or the makeup of the Supreme Court. The imperious judiciary is arguably the most dangerous issue facing America because it imposes itself on almost every dimension of culture."


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