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Does Sarah Palin Believe She Has Divine Providence?

Now that I've shared some basic info from Palin's memoir and explained what I like about her, I should pass on my negative observations.

Palin is very religious. Very. Like in a discomforting way.

I'm pretty neutral about religion. I was raised Presbyterian, but my children attend Catholic school b/c my husband is Catholic and b/c I can't deal with the public school system. I also have more in common with Catholics -- having attended a Catholic high school myself (not for religious reasons but so the nuns could straighten out my unruly ways) -- and more respect for Catholicism than any other religion. They are private about their faith, generally open (despite the "rules"), and from my experience, authentic.

What bothered me in reading Going Rogue was Palin's constant reference to God and Providence. When someone speaks of religion to that kind of degree, I tend to question the person's authenticity. It's almost as if she makes the choices she does b/c God calls her to do it -- not in a spiritual way, that I can appreciate -- but in a You've Been Chosen Over All The Rest kind of way. And that bothers me.

For example, I have trouble rectifying her prolife stance with her choice to be away from home so often and for so long. Politicians simply aren't home; that's the reality of it. So I struggle with the "I gave life to Trig while 90% of the population in the same situation choose not to" -- yet she leaves him in other people's care for weeks at a time.

In other words, her faith just doesn't seem genuine to me. It seems like she uses it instead of...relying on it.

Perhaps it's just me. Religion is personal, after all. Either way, I wouldn't vote or not vote for someone based on their religion. Some people have an issue with Mitt Romney's faith -- it's Mormon, I think -- but I like Romney a lot. These are merely my observations about Sarah Palin after reading her memoir.


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