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Britain's Counter-Terrorism Strategies Leaked In New Document

A document leaked by the Home Office in Britain details new strategies on how to deal with the threat of Islamic extremists. The draft was viewed by The Telegraph, which published parts of the highly sensitive document.

The document suggests banning radicals from working unsupervised with children. There is a concern that these children could be brainwashed, The Telegraph reports.   

The draft also includes a measure that would hold job center staff responsible for reporting individuals who may become targets for radicalization. The document outlines a plan to implement penalties to the government benefits system in order to encourage people to learn English so they will be better integrated in British society.

"In the past, there has been a risk that the Government sends an ambivalent and dangerous message — that it doesn’t really matter if you don’t believe in democracy," the draft reads. "We need to stand up and be more assertive in promoting our values and challenging the extremists who fundamentally oppose them. This will include explaining our foreign policy [and] promoting mainstream voices supporting the quiet majority in all communities who oppose extremism."

Sharia courts and councils are a main focus of the document. The document states that the government is “concerned about the way Sharia councils are working in some parts of the country” with “troubling reports that in some areas women have suffered from the way these councils work, either through forced marriage or discriminatory divorce proceedings.”

According to the document, universities, charities and local councils are high targets of entryism. It identifies the London Borough of Tower Hamlets as a place where “widespread allegations of extremism, homophobia and anti-Semitism have been allowed to fester without proper challenge” and where the council’s “abuse of taxpayers’ money” and “culture of cronyism” have been reflected in “partisan community politics that was to the detriment of integration and community cohesion,” the Telegraph reports.

It is anticipated that a summary of the document will be released to the public in the next few weeks.

Sources: The Telegraph

Photo: Wikimedia


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