Disney's 'Frozen' Leads Kids into Witchcraft says Pastor (Audio)


Earlier this month, Pastor Kevin Swanson warned parents that the Oscar-winning Disney film "Frozen" would turn their children into homosexuals.

Pastor Swanson claimed this week on his "Generations Radio" show (audio below) that "Frozen" and other films would lead children into witchcraft and away from God, reports RightWingWatch.org.

Swanson’s co-host Steve Vaughn began the discussion by claiming, "Even with Frozen, [Princess] Anna saved herself, she had the frozen heart and she did an act of love and saved herself. That’s just the way it is, when you’re God you make up the rules.”

Vaughn failed to mention that neither he or Pastor Swanson has actually seen "Frozen," noted EOnline.com.

Pastor Swanson then announced his witchcraft theory by trying to apply fictional films to real life.

While he attacked Hollywood films for witchcraft, Pastor Swanson failed to mention the witch that appears in the famous novel The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe by Christian writer C.S. Lewis.

“When God’s not the source of power, then power is something that is achieved from within oneself or within the closed universe, something to discover from within the closed universe," stated Swanson.

"These magical powers you find in these movies oftentimes not attributed to God himself, God is not recognized, God is not worshiped, God is not seen as the source of power and thus many of these magical tales turn out to be a means by which children are led into witchcraft," added Swanson.

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