Disney Film 'Frozen' Indoctrinating Kids Into Homosexuality, Says Pastor Kevin Swanson (Audio)


Pastor and talk show host Kevin Swanson claimed last week that Disney is indoctrinating children into homosexuality via the hit film "Frozen."

It's not clear exactly where Pastor Swanson got his conspiracy theory (audio below), but according to CNN, the Walt Disney company announced earlier this month that it was pulling its support of the Boy Scouts of America in 2015 if the organization continued to ban openly-gay scout leaders.

This may be what caused Pastor Swanson to call Disney "one of the most pro-homosexual organizations in the country."

According to RightWingWatch.org, Pastor Swanson told his radio co-host Steve Vaughn, "How many children are taken into these things and how many Christians are taking their kids off to see the movie 'Frozen,' produced by an organization that is probably one of the most pro-homosexual organizations in the country?"

Later, Swanson added, "Friends, this is evil, just evil. I wonder if people are thinking: 'You know, I think this cute little movie is going to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian or treat homosexuality or bestiality in a light sort of way.' I wonder if the average parent going to see 'Frozen' is thinking that way."

"I wonder if they are just walking in and saying, 'Yeah, let’s get my five-year-old and seven-year-old indoctrinated early,'" said Pastor Swanson. "You know they’re not, I think for the most part they’re oblivious. Maybe they do pick up on pieces of it but they just don’t get up and walk out."

Sources: RightWingWatch.org and CNN


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