Dishonest LDS Church Tries Again to Stop Dropping Numbers


Once again, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is making another effort to stop the bleeding and try to save face as their member numbers plummet, especially those who are LGBT. 

The new Church handbook that's being proposed supposedly takes some of the rough edges off their staunch policy on homosexuality and will allow otherwise worthy Mormons to hold callings, etc. provided they obey all the other "commandments" (some of which are absolutely ridiculous, for example, abstaining from coffee). Trust me though, it won't change anything at all, they still believe how something as natural (yes, it's natural - observed in over 1000 other species) and normal as homosexuality is such an abomination and blah blah blah. 

In reality, I see right through their motivations. Being an ex-Mormon myself, I can see right through this and I know exactly what they're up to. The dishonest LDS Church likes to tout their ever growing membership numbers and whatever, but what they aren't telling you is the real truth. The truth of the matter is that in North America and most European countries, the LDS Church is quickly losing ground. So how do they get their ever growing numbers? Well, first off, about 2/3 to 3/4 of people who are still "officially" Mormon are inactive. Most of these people don't even regard themselves as Mormons anymore and have never bothered to have their name stricken from the church roles, but that wouldn't help anything either: Member Records actually counts people who have had their names removed from the church in their membership count (hence the term "name removal" is very much misleading). Further, 90% of converts go inactive within less than a year, and Mormons tend to have large families so of course their membership grows when their members multiply.

After Mormons passed Proposition H8 in California (and yes, we know you gave the most money to organizations supporting it, we know you essentially forced your members to vote for it, we know all of that even if you aren't honest about it), the repercussions have been devasating. Well, trying to save face now won't help you. It hasn't helped you in the past, and you know that, so you inflate your numbers to make yourselves look good. We know you're the richest church in the world, and just want more money to your name. Those of us who have inside information and aren't afraid to speak out about it know exactly what you're up to, and it makes me sick!

How about following the 9th Commandment and being honest about your membership numbers and your deep doctrines (which you oh so conveniently hide from the general membership and most of your local clergy) for a change? Or would it just pain you too much to tell the truth knowing that your church would cease to exist if people knew the truth about what you REALLY believe? 

LDS Church, you make me sick. Period, end of story. 


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