Discrimination? Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania Refuses Atheist Bus Ad

Ernest Perce, V., the Pennsylvania State Director for American Atheists, Inc., sent a letter to the Lackawanna, PA Transit System regarding their refusal to allow an Atheist advertisement to be placed on their buses. This is discriminatory, as religious groups are routinely granted advertising space, and there have even been religious messages scrolling across the buses message boards, which normally designate things like routes and destinations.

American Atheists, Inc. stands behind the fight against discriminatory actions against unbelievers in all aspects of society, including the refusal to give equal time to the non-believing citizens of the United States of America. Ernest Perce has offered in the past to pay for this advertisement, which is arguably the least offensive bus ad, ever. NEPA Freethought Society is an affiliate of American Atheists, Inc.

Here is an image of the proposed ad:

Here is an image of the letter:


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