Did Pastor Mark Driscoll Plagiarize Another Book?


Pastor Mark Driscoll, of the Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wash., often makes headlines with his controversial statements.

Last year, Pastor Driscoll questioned whether or not President Obama was actually a Christian.

In 2010, Pastor Driscoll claimed that yoga was "demonic" and once suggested that the wife of fallen Pastor Ted Haggard was partly to blame for her husband engaging in sex with a gay prostitute (Pastor Driscoll offered a general apology after the outrage).

More recently, Pastor Driscoll came under fire for allegations that he plagiarized author Peter Jones for his 2013 book A Call to Resurgence: Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a Future?

According to Religion News Service, Christian radio host Janet Mefford called out Pastor Driscoll for using for at least 14 pages of Jones' content without direct or proper citation. Instead, Pastor Driscoll's book referred readers to Jones' website.

Mefford reportedly posted (and later took down) more evidence that Pastor Driscoll copied several parts from D.A. Carson’s New Bible Commentary for his book Trial: 8 Witnesses From 1&2 Peter.

Now, Warren Throckmorton writes on Patheos.com that Pastor Driscoll and his wife Grace have added Christian author Dan Allender to the "Thanks" section in the Kindle version of their book Real Marriage: "We want to thank Dan Allender, whose book, The Wounded Heart, has helped shape our thinking about the effects of abuse."

According to Throckmorton, Pastor Driscoll and Grace may have used Allender's classifications of women, who have have been abused, from his book The Wounded Heart.

Allender is not mentioned in the "Thanks" section of the printed version of the Driscoll's Real Marriage.

ReligionPatches.org reports "Real Marriage, co-written with Driscoll's wife Grace, one finds multiple instances of using Allender's work without citation, including chapters supposedly written by Grace."

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