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Did the Duggar Family Censor Gay Couples From Kissing Challenge?

The Duggars, a conservative Christian family who star on the TLC reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting," are being accused of discriminating against gay couples.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently posted a picture of themselves kissing on their Facebook page and a response to the criticism of their daughter Jessa Duggar who posted a picture on Instagram of herself smooching with her new husband Ben Seewald.

According to, Jim Bob and Michelle wrote on Facebook on Nov. 10:

Recently, Ben & Jessa received some criticism for posting a kissing picture. We are so grateful they waited to share their first kiss until after marriage. We've been married 30 years and are still in love! We had fun trying to duplicate Ben and Jessa's happily married kissing picture. We challenge all married couples to take a happily married picture and post it here.

The post got over 40,000 "Likes" and couples posted kissing pictures as the Duggars requested.

John Becker, an openly gay blogger, responded by posting a picture of himself kissing his husband Michael on the Duggar Facebook page.

Becker wrote on his blog that other gay couples did the same, but had their pictures removed:

Of course, the Duggars didn't like that, so they started yanking photos of same-sex couples kissing and banning the people who posted them, myself included. It's their page, of course, so they have every right to do that. But as I noted, the whole episode says something about them and their gay panic-saturated worldview.

According to the Daily Mail, people also posted pictures of themselves kissing toys, food and their pets.

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