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Did Christian College Athletes Try To Convert High School Kids At Dunk Show? (Video)

Liberty University, a Christian college, sent its S.O.A.R. dunk team to Forest Elementary School in Bedford County, Virginia, last Friday.

The dunk team used three mini-trampolines to perform acrobatic jumps and dunks for the youngsters, but some critics are wondering if evangelism was part of the show (video below).

"That's really why we do this," S.O.A.R. team leader Luke Seaborn told WDBJ 7. "We try to catch the attention of the crowd as we dunk basketballs and keep things exciting, but then afterwards every guy on the team has an opportunity to share the Gospel and share how God has effected his life."

The dunk team also performed at two other pubic schools in Bedford County.

Forest Elementary School principal Karen Watson, reportedly a graduate of Liberty University, said the dunk team simply encouraged students to "work hard and be humble."

Bedford County Public Schools Public Relations Coordinator Ryan Edwards told the Friendly Atheist in an emailed statement, "There was no mention of Christianity at any time during the event.”

According to the Liberty University website: "As Liberty University's most unconventional ministry team, S.O.A.R. is a high-flying dunk basketball team that uses acrobatic maneuvers off of trampolines to dazzle crowds of all ages. Perfect for youth groups, pep rallies, school assemblies/chapels and various sporting events, S.O.A.R. is not afraid of flying high above the rim, nor boldly sharing their faith in Jesus Christ while using their own worship style."

Sources:, Friendly Atheist, WDBJ 7 / Image Credit: WDBJ 7 Screenshot


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