Dianne Reidy's Husband: Holy Spirit Has Been Waking Her Up At Night For Weeks

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The stenographer for the House of Representatives, Dianne Reidy, told her husband that her bizarre lecture on Wednesday night on God and the free masons was a message from the Holy Spirit.

Dan Reidy, 54, a nondenominational Christian pastor, spoke to his 48-year-old wife after she was evaluated at Washington University Hospital. He says she told him that God asked her to deliver a message to the House.

He said the Holy Spirit woke her in the middle of the night for the last four weeks.

“What she was finding out was that God was impressing on her heart that he had a message he wanted her to share,” her husband the Daily Beast. “That’s what my wife was battling with this late-night wrestling with God.”

He said it must have been hard for Dianne to violate congressional decorum.

“That’s so out of character,” he said. “She so respects the Capitol and the traditions of the House of Representatives.”

He emphasized his wife’s duty to the House, even working through morning sickness when she was pregnant. But he also said she is a woman of faith.

“Waking several times a night feeling that God’s just been pressing on her to open a Bible and get into his word,” he said. “Reading a Bible is not foreign to us, but getting up in the middle of the night definitely is. It’s just not a part of our life.”

He said his wife wouldn’t have shared her instincts with him.

“If she had told me, ‘I think God wants me to get up and say something,’ I’d be the first one to say, ‘No you don’t!’” he explained.

He said he doesn’t expect his wife to have another outburst because the weight has been lifted.

“She was just being obedient to what God had placed in her heart,” he said.

She was released from the hospital early Thursday.

Sources: Daily Beast, MSN Now


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