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'The Devil Is Not A Metaphor': Church Performs Exorcism On Woman In Argentina (Video)

Exorcisms are generally thought to be the stuff of movies. But newly released video from a church in Argentina depicts what officials there say is a real-life exorcism being performed on a 22-year-old woman. 

The video (below) surfaced Tuesday, according to the Christian Post, and quickly went viral. 

In the clip, church officials from the Lutheran Charismatic Church in Buenos Aries can be seen holding down the woman — identified only by the first name Laura — as she writhes on a mat and yells at those pinning her to the floor.

“No, No,” she can be heard yelling and then calls another woman a “whore” in a deep, throaty voice. 

The Daily Mail reports the exorcism was performed by Bishop Manuel Acuna. Before performing the ceremony, Acuna addressed locals who had come to the church to pray for the woman. 

“The devil is a personality and therefore has a strategy. We are talking about something terrifying, a fallen angel. The devil is not a metaphor,” he told those gathered at the church. “The devil is something real that Jesus Christ faced. The devil looks for the perdition of the human being and for this he will use any possible evil instrument.”

After his remarks, Acuna and other church officials led Laura into a separate room to perform the exorcism. 

“We could hear her screaming and crying and we prayed for her deliverance,” said Augustus Amador Arevalo, one of the locals who had come to pray. “She was a good girl but turned bad when the devil possessed her. She had to be exorcised, she had to be free.”

The screams Arevalo heard came as Acuna prayed over the woman and held a wooden cross to her chest. 

The exorcism ended as Laura fell gently to her back, gave a final cry and closed her eyes, breathing heavily. 

She is then seen wiping tears from her eyes as Acuna makes the sign of the cross over her. 

“Thank God, we've recovered a daughter of God,” Acuna said, according to the Daily Mail. “You haven't seen a major exorcism.

“This was a group of demons similar to the ones that Jesus faced,” he added. “Her delivery is God's gift for us today.”

Sources: The Christian PostDaily Mail

Photo Credit: Screen shot via YouTube


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