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Destiny: Don’t Worry, What is Predestined Will Manifest

We received the following question recently:

“What happens if you don’t take action at the right time to manifest your destiny? Does this mean you will miss it? Or miss important events in your life? Will the opportunity present itself again at a later time?”

Based on our empirical research, we believe that at least 75% of the core events, circumstances, and conditions (rewarding and challenging) in your life are predestined. That means those things will transpire no matter what.

To make an analogy, if you miss an exit ramp and that opportunity is passed up, that exit was only part of the 25% that really wasn’t part of your core predetermination. If it, or rather the lessons related to it, were part of your path, something similar will present itself, in time.

Children and Fate

If you are meant to be a parent or mentor for a particular soul, it will happen even if you are unable or choose not to have your own children. The soul will find you through adoption, as a niece or nephew, or perhaps as a neighbor. The bond will usually be special from the beginning, and you’ll both likely recognize the significance.

Career and Fate

If you are meant to influence people through a certain type of work, it will happen even if you don’t consciously plan it. It’s likely you will feel passionate about the work, and sharing it with others will give you pleasure and be something that you just feel compelled to do. The specific form of the work may not be destined, but if it’s meant to be, you’ll somehow get the message, technique, or lesson out to the public.

Love Relationships and Fate

If you are meant to enter a serious relationship during a predestined window of time, you will. That is not to say the relationship is guaranteed to be all that you expect and desire it to be.

If you’re already involved, yet are meant to meet another soul mate, perhaps because your current relationship has expired even though you’re still going through the motions, a marriage certificate or commitment will not prevent destiny. You have free will to act responsibly and honestly, although we’ve witnessed time and time again the swift current of predetermination making a mockery of marriage vows.

If a person has very challenging love life karma, it could very well be their fate to endure excessive anxiety about it. Regrettably, those with challenging love life karma may strong-arm a partner into a “permanent” relationship, then when it falls apart, blame their partner. Enduring romantic satisfaction just isn’t part of their personal fate. However, generating gratitude and acceptance of what they can’t change (which tends to foster happiness) is always an option.

How You Know Which Path to Take

Whichever action feels most right, that you naturally take, especially that which you all but can’t help but take, is part of your fate. Even the apparent mistakes, especially those from which you learn the most, are destined.

The best approach is to let go (daily meditation helps a lot), follow your heart, and avoid fear-based decision-making.

As we mentioned, if you don’t take action at a point in your life to attempt to seize on an evident opportunity, and you likely will if it’s meant to be, fate will find you regardless, within the bounds of your unique personal destiny. By the way, contrary to popular New Age thought, these words all have the same meaning: fate, destiny, predestination, and predetermination.

Life is only meant to be fair related to the degree your karma is rewarding.

Also understand that you aren’t being punished if you have tough karma. Your soul (not your personality) has chosen it in this lifetime for whatever reason, which can be discovered, in part, through past life regression. Realizing the root reasons why often makes it easier to tolerate.

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