South Carolina County Deputies Unanimously Agree To Add 'In God We Trust' To Patrol Cars


Patrol cars from the Sheriff’s Office of Macon County, North Carolina, will now be emblazoned with “In God We Trust,” thanks to a unanimous decision among commissioners and deputies.

Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland asked his deputies if they would like to receive the decals and everyone signed up, The Macon County News reported. 

"During our recent agency meeting I brought up the subject and passed around a document for the deputies to read and sign if they wanted to take part," said Sheriff Holland. 

"I made it clear to all present this was an individual decision and there would be no repercussion for opting out of participating. At the conclusion of the meeting I told the deputies to turn the document back to me either signed or unsigned and there would be no questions asked.”

Macon County Board of Commissioners Chairman Kevin Corbin told the Citizen-Times that it wasn’t a matter of religious preference. "We were very clear we’re posting that as our national motto and a symbol of patriotism and history, not as a religious statement," he said. "It doesn’t mention Christianity. God is a very broad term. It certainly represents people of all faiths.”

Holland agreed, but said it was about patriotism. "Just like the [North Carolina] state seal and state motto is displayed on our badges and decals, I liked the idea of also displaying our national motto," he said. "We will be proudly displaying our nation’s motto on our vehicles and in our department.”

The decals were funded by a private citizen. “In fact, anonymous individuals went to a local business and paid the bill in full and I never received any funds from anyone. No tax dollars were ever used and will not be used in the future,” Holland said.

Sources: The Macon County News, Citizen-Times / Photo credit: Courtesy photo via Citizen-Times

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