Demons Have ‘Permission’ to Wreck Cars from Horror Movies, Claims Pat Robertson (Video)


Pat Robertson warned a "700 Club" viewer today that watching horror or porn films can give demons "permission" to live in homes and wreck cars.

A viewer asked Robertson via letter if watching a macabre horror movie somehow caused her to have a car crash, noted (video below).

According to, Robertson recalled a story in which a teen girl was "demon possessed" and the demon claimed it had "permission" to enter the girl because she had watched an X-rated movie.

Robertson did not cite any Bible verses to back up his claim about "permission" and demons, but did say, “So, could it have happened to you? Yes. I don’t think it did, but could have.”

“I know that’s weird, but these things can happen,” added Robertson. “Some of these [movie] producers, who knows what things are into them, but you said 'macabre.' It’s a good word for it. This thing may be living around you and what you need to do is speak it. Command this thing to leave and ask God to forgive you."

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