Democrats Want Colorado to be 'Worst Possible Hellhole' Claims Pastor Kevin Swanson (Audio)


Pastors Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner warned on their "Generations" radio show in June that the destructive wildfires in Colorado were caused by God's wrath because Colorado legalized abortion in 1967 and gay civil unions recently became legal in the state.

Neither pastor mentioned the possible scientific causes of fire, such as drought, global warming, or arson.

This week, the two pastors continued their attack on the Colorado state government.

According to, Pastor Swanson claimed that the state of Colorado is “more tyrannical than communist China and maybe even North Korea" and added that "all adultery laws and laws limiting abortion were repealed" in the state.

Pastor Buehner then claimed the Colorado legislature is "made up of adulterers... they're not gonna keep laws that are gonna put them in prison."

Pastor Swanson then went on an angry rant: "This is the vision of the Democrats, get children abused, kill them in the womb as much as possible, be sure there are as many dysfunctional families as possible, as many homosexual families as possible and children abused as much as possible."

"So government can grow their child welfare services even more, so that they can kill more kids, so that more adults can commit adultery, so that more kids would be murdered, so that more kids would be abused, so more government would tax and regulate and tax and regulate to produce the worst possible hellhole on planet earth."



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