Debunked Christian Historian David Barton to Run for U.S. Senate?


Two Tea Party groups recently declared war on Republicans who voted to end the government shutdown.

The Tea Party Nation and the Tea Party Leadership Fund want to run Tea Party-approved candidates against sitting Republicans as punishment for being "traitors."

One Tea Party favorite, debunked Christian historian David Barton, is rumored to possibly run against Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), notes Warren Throckmorton at

A "Draft David Barton for US Senate" Facebook page has been set up and currently boasts 1,445 members.

One pro-Barton advocate claims on his blog that "last week a meeting occurred between Tea Party leaders and a representative for Barton.  Sources report both sides left the meeting encouraged. Right now, speculation Barton might run is 'legitimate.'"

Not mentioned by any of his supporters is how Barton's most recent "historical" book Jefferson Lies was pulled by its Christian publisher Thomas Nelson  in 2012 for historical inaccuracies, noted NPR.

In addition to his dubious book, Barton has tried to justify the genocide of Native Americans, claimed that atheism, evolution and Darwinism are "religions" and rewritten the words of Jesus Christ to oppose the U.S. tax system.

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