Debunked Christian Historian David Barton Denies Global Warming, Claims Weather is God's Judgment (Video)


Debunked Christian historian David Barton recently appeared with controversial faith healer Kenneth Copeland on a "Believer's Voice of Victory" program.

According to, this is one in a series of programs that are supposed to air next week before local elections in certain states.

The idea is that Copeland and Barton can sway voters not to vote for candidates who support legal abortion (video below).

"You open that door, floods are under the curse, tornadoes are under the curse, murderers, pedophiles, all of these things, all of that is under the curse, " warned Copeland.

"Abortion was a seed to it that has grown into a murderous, bloody crop of child death," added the televangelist. "And it doesn't stop with abortion, it goes on to, hey, all ages."

Barton, who has previously justified the genocide of American Indians said, "If you open the door to killing it's got a lot of different manifestations, but that's the problem if you choose leaders who say, 'I support killing.'"

Later, Barton claimed that God had removed his "hand of protection," which results in unexplained storms and weather conditions.

"Here comes storms like we've never seen before and here comes floods and here comes climate stuff that we can't explain," stated Barton.

However, the "climate stuff" has been explained. According to The Washington Post, a study was released earlier this year that says "roughly 97 percent of all published scientific papers that take a position on the question agree that humans are warming the planet."

One of the study's authors, Dana Nuccitelli, told The Washington Post in an email, "However, the public is very misinformed on the issue, with the average American believing that scientists are split 50/50 on the cause of global warming."

One of the possible reasons for the national ignorance may be climate deniers such as Barton, who also told Copeland, "All of the hot times and all the cold times and not enough rain and too much rain and we're flooding over here and we've got droughts over here. And today we're saying 'oh no, it's global warming.' No, we opened a door that lost God's protection over our environment and that's our choice."

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