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Police Department Hires First Officer To Wear Hijab

The Dearborn, Michigan, police department has become the first department in the U.S. to have a uniformed officer who wears a hijab.

Amal Chammout, 23, is an American citizen whose family hails from Lebanon. She has become the first policewoman to wear a hijab on duty after being hired by the police department in Dearborn, where 41 percent of the community is of Arab descent, according to Morocco World News.

Dearborn Chief of Police Ronald Haddad said that bringing Chammout to his department is a "huge step for the community, for the Arab and Muslim community in particular."

Haddad added that Chammout's hijab wouldn't hurt anyone, and that his department sought to "dispel some of the stereotypes" about Muslim Americans.

"Amal is a very educated woman. She has confidence. She also has compassion for the people she serves," said Haddad.

Chammout is originally from Bahraich, a town in southern Lebanon. She is an American citizen.

Chammout, who started her career in law enforcement as an intern and has worked her way up to becoming an officer, said she plans to finish her master's degree in criminal justice, the Detroit Metro Times reports.

In an interview with AJ+, Chammout said that she is just like any other officer.

"I'm just like any other officer here ... I’m just here to do my job," she said.

Chammout added that she entered law enforcement in order to help people, as well as to educate others about public safety. "There's no difference between me and anybody else that works," she said.

Chammout also said that she hopes her story inspires women and minorities, even beyond women who wear the hijab.

Sources: Detroit Metro Times, Morocco World News, AJ+/Facebook Business / Photo credit: Morocco World News

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