David and Jason Benham Say Anti-Gay Statements Were 'Perfect Truth' (Video)

David and Jason Benham, two Christian brothers whose upcoming series was canceled by HGTV, claimed today they were simply stating the “perfect truth” of Jesus Christ in regards to homosexuality.

While speaking to Fox News host Shannon Bream, David claimed his past statements had been "misconstrued" and "pulled out of context," noted RawStory.com (video below).

“The statements that I made were actually in context of a prayer service to the church,” said David. "It’s been very pleasing to my brother and I, for us to be able to go on record and set it straight, and let those that have been hurt, let those that have felt some type of hatred for my brother and I in terms of what we’ve said in the past, and say, ‘We do not hate you all. As a matter of fact, we love you.’”

According to RightWingWatch.org, David has called Islam a “demonic agenda that wants to come and take America.” He also parroted a right wing myth that President Obama supported a Muslim prayer rally, which has been debunked, notes Snopes.com.

The Anti-Defamation League noted that David also called an Islamic center a "den of iniquity" and said Muslims are "the enemy attacking" America.

During a prayer rally outside the 2012 Democratic National Convention, David claimed that “homosexuality and its agenda” are “attacking the nation," reported RightWingWatch.org. David also compared homosexuality to Nazis on his dad's anti-website OperationSaveAmerica.org.

David claimed today that gay and Muslim people had voiced support for him and his brother on their Facebook page.

“What David and I say is that in the embodiment of Jesus Christ, you have perfect love and perfect truth,” added Jason. “See, truth is a person. Love is a person. And that’s why we talk so much about Jesus. Because when you bring Jesus into the equation, you’ve brought love and you’ve brought truth. And there’s no fear in that.”

“So, I can go and I can proclaim Jesus, and that’s truth and it’s love. We didn’t fear losing a television show.”

David later stated, “We want to step in and say, ‘You know what? These bullies, we’re done with this. We want to step in and say to the agenda to silence, enough is enough.”

Sources: RawStory.com, RightWingWatch.org, OperationSaveAmerica.org, Anti-Defamation League


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