Daryl Banther May Sue if He Can't Evangelize Other People's Children (Video)

Daryl Banther is threatening to sue the city of Ringgold, Georgia, because he and his 8-year-old son were allegedly harassed by police on Friday night while handing out pamphlets about Christianity (video below).

Banther and his son were handing out religious materials at the annual "1890s Day Jamboree" in Ringgold when a parent filed a police report about a man approaching children in the parking lot.

The Ringgold city manager and chief of police confronted Banther and his son, who left, but promised to return the next day, according to WTVC-TV.

Banther, who lives in nearby Cleveland, Georgia, returned on Saturday night, but was not asked to leave.

“They were all harassing me because I have a constitutional right to do what I was doing,” Banther told WTVC-TV. “If I’m anything else, I have rights, but as a Christian, we have rights no more. They’re taking all the Christian rights away and I’m going to stand for what’s right this time.”

Friday night's celebration included southern gospel music on two stages, says the event's website.

Ringgold city officials said in a statement that they have “established procedures” for participation at the event and "those exhibiting must have prior approval, and have a booth to operate the activity they are conducting."

Sources: 1890sDay.com and WTVC-TV


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