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'The Daily Show' Debunks Christians Being Persecuted for Anti-Gay Beliefs (Video)

"The Daily Show" aired a segment with correspondent Samantha Bee investigating whether or not Christians are persecuted for their anti-gay beliefs (video below).

"Christians are getting bullied," said Pastor Matt Slick, who is also a radio host. "The Christians that I talk to are intimidated. They'll often get persecuted."

"For what?" Bee asked.

"For saying that they believe homosexuality is wrong or that homosexuals are sinful, just like adulterers, just like pedophiles, just like liars, just like thieves. I'm just informing them," said Slick, noted

Bee added: "It's clear that intolerance against Christians was a big problem ... in his mind."

"Homosexuals go out and find straights to beat up," Slick said. "These kinds of events are not publicized. It's not being covered."

After being asked by Bee when his right to express himself had been infringed, Slick answered: "I don't know if it's going to happen, but I'm concerned about it."



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