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Cult Leader's Wife Blanca Castro Says Members Had to Have Orgies, Eat Raw Animal Organs

A cult called the Defenders of Christ was broken up in Mexico last month. Blanca Castro, the wife of one of the cult’s leaders, claims the sect forced women to participate in orgies, discouraged baths and made people eat raw animal organs.

The cult’s house in the northern state of Nuevo Laredo was raided by Mexican immigration authorities on Jan. 25. During the raid, 14 foreigners and 10 Mexicans were rounded up. According to The Daily Mail, Defenders of Christ’s Spanish leader Ignacio Gonzalez de Arriba was also picked up. Gonzalez de Arriba believed that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and would use the Internet as a way of recruiting new followers. Allegations that Gonzalez de Arriba forced minors to participate in sexual acts have arisen.

During a press conference in Mexico City, Castro broke down in tears while detailing what she had gone through while married to her cult-leader husband, Losanger Jose Arenas Segovia:

“They broke you down, making you even doubt your own name,” Castro said. “They made me eat raw animal organs. And you know what? When you're starving you'll eat anything.”

Castro married Segovia in 2009. Castro said she was raped, forced into group sex sessions, locked up and treated very roughly. She was stuck living with the cult for 10 months in 2010 before escaping to Peru.

The Victim Support Network, which helps people who flee sects, has said that the cult was present in 80 countries, with 4,000 victims in Mexico alone. The Defenders of Christ are believed to have 10,000 victims in the rest of the world. The cult attracted new recruits and raised money by offering Internet classes that cost between $1,300 and $130,000.

“I saw them arriving from Chile, Bolivia, Spain, with suitcases and the money that was demanded in cash,” Castro said when describing the way that new members would show up at the sect’s house.

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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