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Christian Lawmakers "Lying" About Mount Soledad Cross

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WASHINGTON — A group of California lawmakers is pushing for congressional protection for religious symbols included at U.S. war memorials after the latest court challenge to a San Diego veterans monument that features a 43-foot high cross.

Earlier this month, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Mount Soledad cross — which has been at the center of legal fights for more than two decades — amounts to an unconstitutional display of government favoring a specific religion, and must be changed. Supporters of the memorial have vowed to continue fighting the case to the Supreme Court.

But opponents of the cross say its presence replaces the military focus of the memorial with a Christian one. Supporters say a defeat in California could have widespread changes for memorials throughout the country, including Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, where religious symbols are engraved in the headstones of thousands of fallen servicemembers.

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Just for the record, that’s not true. Once again, Christian lawmakers are either LYING or woefully ignorant about the laws of this country.

A huge cross that stands alone is unquestionably Christian endorsement, as is the lawmaker’s fight to make it legal. It is far different than Arlington, where, thanks to the separation of church and state, there are a wealth of symbols which are allowed, including atheism, all equally, all without endorsing one religion over another.

This is another waste of time. Even if this bigoted law passed, it would NOT circumvent the Supreme Court. It would be challenged and shot down as illegal, all at taxpayer’s expense. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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