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Crist Removes 'Pro-Life/Family' Section of Website

MIAMI -- Charlie Crist is flip-flopping again. When he was a Republican trying to win the Republican primary, Crist repeatedly stated he was pro-life and even said he would "fight for pro-life legislation if he's elected to the Senate." 

However, now that he has left the Republican Party in order to win an election and is trying to attract liberal votes, the Crist campaign yesterday removed the "pro-life/family" issue page of its website. In doing so, Charlie Crist eliminated any reference to being "pro-life" in a transparent attempt to hide his position in order to win an election.

However, the Rubio campaign has uploaded this screen shot of the old "pro-life/family" issue page which shows just how much Crist is trying to change his positions in order to win an election.

Will Charlie Crist flip-flop further, no longer call himself "pro-life" and revert back to his 1998 pro-choice position? Check out the video here.


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