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Illegal in Malaysia for Non-Muslims to Quote Koran

By Eugene Volokh

So says a Malaysian Minister (that’s cabinet minister, not a church minister). The Star (Malaysia) reports:

Action can be taken under the Penal Code against those who cite Quranic verses with the ulterior motive of causing hatred or ill-will, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom said.

He added that while there was no law prohibiting non-Muslims from reciting verses from the Quran, they were only allowed to do so in an effort to know more about Islam....

“Based on the National Fatwa Council edict on Islamic affairs, the Government can take appropriate action against parties that abused Quranic verses for ulterior motives or to question Islamic practices.

“This is to ensure that racial harmony is maintained[.]” ...

Asked on the action of non-Muslims who cite the Quran at political ceramah [apparently meaning rallies –EV], Jamil Khir said the council had, on Dec 3, 2010, issued an edict that non-Muslims who quoted or interpreted Quranic verses freely on their own understanding and do so without sincerity were deemed to have insulted the Holy Book.


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