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Creationists Criticize Televangilist Pat Robertson For Saying Earth Isn't 6,000 Years Old (Video)

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“Creation Today” hosts Eric Hovind and Paul F. Taylor asserted that televangelist Pat Robertson is wrong in saying the earth is more than 6,000 years old.

The hosts played a clip of Robertson discussing the age of the earth, in which he stated that Ireland’s Archbishop James Ussher was wrong in dating the earth at 6,000 years.

Both hosts found the comment laughable, and Taylor continued to say Ussher’s theory is backed by evidence from the bible and is therefore entirely accurate.

They also supported Ussher’s theory that pinpointed the exact date of creation.

“Do you assume that Aechbishop James Ussher had no actual evidence for his proposition when he wrote such a big book,” Taylor asked. “People talk about this 6,000 years that Archbishop Ussher came up with.”

Taylor further asserted that while Ussher theory and book was not divinely inspired by God, the Bible itself was. Therefore, Taylor reasoned, Ussher’s study is an accurate study of divine information.

“Now, then, Pat Robertson,” Taylor said, “are you claiming the Bible is not [divinely] inspired when the Bible clearly tells us that the world is 6,000 years old?”

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