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Creationists Cannot Issue Masters Degrees in Science

By David Silverman

Back in March of 2009, I reported that Republican Leo Berman, who was a member of the House Higher Education Committee of Texas, was the sole sponsor of House Bill 2800 that was introduced on March 9, 2009 in the Texas House of Representatives. That bill was aimed at allowing the Institute for Creation Research Graduate School (ICRGS) to award master’s degrees in science. (ICRGS has the right to grant master’s degrees in science in California, but that is not the case in Texas.)

Judge Sparks, in his order, reprimanded ICRGS, in a sense, and slammed their suit by saying, “Having addressed this primary issue, the Court will proceed to address each of ICRGS’s causes of action in turn, to the extent it is able to understand them. It appears that although the Court has twice required Plaintiff to re-plead and set forth a short and plain statement of the relief requested, Plaintiff is entirely unable to file a complaint which is not overly verbose, disjointed, incoherent, maundering, and full of irrelevant information.”

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It irks me to no end that mythologists in ANY state can issue a degree in science. They use the MS degree to legitimize their non-science and so will fight on trying to merge these two mutually-exclusive concepts. It is silly, ridiculous, and ludicrous that degrees can be given out that are called “science” rather than what they really are — degrees in wishful thinking.

At least, this time, Texas got it right.


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